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Career Matching Services

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Complement your job search efforts with Career Coaching, workshops and networking events. Under the Adapt and Grow initiative, Career Matching Services offers a range of programmes and resources to support your career development, at no cost. 

Get in touch with us here or call us at our hotline at 6883-5885 today! You can also send us your feedback and comments through our Feedback Portal.

  • Access quick career tips at your own convenience.
  • Search and apply for jobs that matches your skills at MyCareersFuture
  • Attend career preparatory workshops, networking sessions and walk-in interview to improve your job search chances. View our calendar of events and register here.

WSG’s Careers Connect

Collaborate with our professionally-certified Career Coaches to receive guidance in discovering your strengths, so that you can make informed decisions about your career and realise your goals.

How can we help you?

By working with Careers Connect’s Career Coaches, you can:

  • Personalise your career plan to achieve your goals
  • Get unbiased feedback to uncover your blind spots
  • Acquire job search skills to stand out from other candidates
  • Receive support when the going gets tough
  • Build confidence to grow in your career

How does Career Coaching work?

1. Assess:
(30 mins)
During the first session, you will meet with a Career Coach to discuss your employment situation, identify your career goals and align with the job opportunities available.

2. Develop:
(20 mins)
Chart an Action Plan with your Career Coach to outline the steps needed to achieve your career goals.

3. Act:
(2 – 4 months)
Improve your job search skills with our CARE360 programmes, a series of career exercises, workshops, and events personalised to your job search needs.

Where are our centres located?

Career Matching Providers (By Appointment Only)

Eligibility criteria applies - only unemployed PMET jobseekers who have been actively searching for jobs for at least three months or have been made redundant/retrenched may be assigned to CMPs.