Workforce Singapore (WSG) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) that has helped many businesses, with their hiring needs, to improve HR practices, and increase productivity through the use of technology. We understand that running a business can be tough, so our programmes and services are designed to help your business remain competitive in this age of rapid change.

As announced in Budget 2020, you can tap into SGUnited Traineeships Programme to hire first time job seekers, and SGUnited Jobs to fill in immediate vacancies due to an increase in business demand. Find out more information here.

You can also find out how our other programmes can support you in meeting your business needs:




Programme Name

How Do You Use It

Careers Connect                     

Get recommendations for suitable potential hires.


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Career Trial      

Find out if a potential hire is suitable for the position before offering him/her the job. WSG will fund his/her training allowance and retention incentives.


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Career Support Programme

Hire a PMET* with a salary of at least $3,600 and WSG will provide salary support of up to $42,000 for a maximum of 18 months.


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*Matured unemployed Singaporeans who are actively looking for jobs.



Save time when searching for candidates with a suite of tools aimed at helping you achieve better matches and simplifying how you can identify potential candidates.


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P-Max Programme                 

Hire a new employee with a salary of at least $2,500 and get up to 90% course fees funding support on workshops. Get a one-time off $5,000 grant at the six month mark when you retain your new hire.


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Professional Conversion Programme

Hire mid-career switchers and train them to help with your manpower needs. Get salary support of up to 90% of their monthly salary*and course fee support of up to 90%.


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*Salary support is capped at $6,000 per employee per month.





Lean Enterprise Development Scheme              

Progressive companies can tap on relevant government assistance schemes and training through an inter-agency task force. You can get up to $300,000 in funding support depending on the type of project.


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Capability Transfer Programme

Funding for salary, training and attachment-related costs when you develop new key competencies and transfer global capabilities to Singaporeans.


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Productivity Solutions Grant – Job Redesign (NEW)

Receive up to 70% funding when you use pre-approved job redesign consultants to design work processes, tasks and responsibilities in your company.*


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*Capped at $30,000 per company. Commences in July 2020.


For more information, visit WSG at Booth 8 on 29-30 September 2020.