It may not always get easier, but together we will get stronger.

COVID-19 has taken its toll on the economy, with some sectors hit harder than others. Yet, there are pockets of sunshine, within growth sectors such as Professional Services, Research and Development, Retail, Electronics and Semicon, Logistics, Early Childhood Education, Marine & Offshore Engineering, Precision Engineering, Info-comms & Media, Food & Beverage, and more.

WSG has many programmes and services to help both jobseekers and enterprises get back on track.

For jobseekers, we have a list of programmes and services that can help you adapt and grow your skillsets and gain a firmer foothold in your search of a job and prepare you for your job applications. Whether you are a fresh graduate like Laveena or an experienced mid-career individual like Norman, continue reading to find out how we can help.

For enterprises, whether you’re looking to tackle economic challenges, attract and retain local manpower or improve productivity and innovation, we can provide you the support to be agile, flexible and lean in today’s climate. Like Mr Duraini, we have programmes to assist you. Click to find out more.

SGUnited Jobs and Skill Package for Jobseekers 

A support package that aims to help Singaporeans, including those affected by the COVID-19 situation, access immediate short-term as well as longer term job opportunities, or pick up job-related skills and capabilities. 

Click here to download the brochures in English, 中文, Melayu and  தமிழ்

SGUnited Jobs Virtual Career Fair

This Virtual Career Fair lists job opportunities with immediate vacancies. It features jobs mainly involved in the fight against COVID-19 as well as openings from businesses whose manpower supply is disrupted during this period.

This platform allows you to interact with employers for interviews and access career-related resources to help with employment and hiring. 

Job Portal -

Jobseekers looking for a wider range of job opportunities can visit this job portal. It uses skills-matching algorithms to showcase jobs that meet an applicant’s skillsets and you can also search for jobs with government support. Search and apply now!

SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme

Company attachments for mid-career individuals to develop new skills and boost their employability to take on new opportunities when the economy recovers.

SGUnited Traineeships Programme

Did you just graduate in 2019 or 2020 from an ITE, polytechnic, university or other private educational institutions and; are you looking to build work experience while searching for a full-time job?? You can now apply for traineeship positions to pick up industry-related experience and exposure, in preparation for future opportunities.

Get Career Advice and Guidance

Receive job search tips, career advice or connect with officers from Careers Connect to guide you through your job search.

Virtual Workshops & Seminars

Pick up important job search knowledge and techniques, and build professional networks through online career improvement classes.

SGUnited Jobs and Skills Centre

Not too sure which programme is more suitable for you? You can consult with a Career Ambassador for recommendations on career pathways to take, or training opportunities available.

SGUnited Jobs and Skills Information Kiosks

You can find out more about the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package and the various job support and assistance available to help you find employment. Find out when the Information Kiosks will be coming to a location near you!



SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package for Enterprises

Enterprises can tap on various WSG programmes and initiatives found below for assistance with manpower issues and job redesign to enhance workforce productivity and support enterprise development.

Interested in our programmes?

For assistance with Manpower Issues


SGUnited Jobs Initiative


The SGUnited Jobs Initiative assists companies with manpower issues by expediting job matches and facilitating the movement of excess manpower.



  • Companies can post urgent job vacancies on with #SGUnitedJobs to quickly reach out to a pool of active jobseekers
  • Companies can tap on the assistance of Trade Associations and Chambers to facilitate and expedite intra-sector and inter-sector job matching


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SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme


Company Attachment


Organisations can come onboard as Host Organisations to offer attachments and training to mid-career individuals under this programme.



  • The Government will co-fund 80% of the training allowance
  • Host Organisations will be able to tap on the experience of mid-career individuals to bring about new ideas and perspectives
  • Upon completion of the attachment, host organisations may consider hiring well-performing individuals as permanent employees when business conditions improve and when they have greater confidence to hire


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Company Training


Market-leading organisations may provide a 6- to 12-month full-time training programme for jobseekers to acquire industry-relevant skills and experience.



  • Establish market standing as industry leaders in imparting cutting-edge capabilities
  • The Government will fund the monthly training allowance of $1,500* for each trainee
  • Host Organisations will be able to qualify for the enhanced Hiring Incentive when they hire trainees from this programme

*Subject to eligibility criteria

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Professional Conversion Programmes

Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP) assist companies to take on mid-career individuals who have gone through industry-recognised career conversion training.

• Government funding for salary support and course fee subsidies
• Helps employers to hire and re-skill mid-career individuals to meet manpower needs
• Maximise workforce abilities and reduce redundancies by redeploying and re-skilling current employees to take on new job roles

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P-Max helps SMEs to better recruit, train, manage and retain their newly hired Professional, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) through progressive human capital workshops.



  • SMEs that fulfil the six-month follow-up and retain their newly-hired PMET will be eligible for a one-off grant of $5,000 or $10,000 Assistance Grant*
  • Government funding for up to 90% course fee subsidy
  • Encourage adoption of progressive human capital practises to improve sustainability of SMEs
  • Assist with the acclimatisation of newly hired PMETs to the new SME work environment

*Terms and conditions apply


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Career Trial 


Career Trial allows companies to assess jobseekers’ job fit through a short-term trial, before formal employment. Government will provide training allowance to the jobseekers for the trial period (up to 3 months).


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For assistance with Workforce Productivity


Job Redesign


Companies can leverage on pre-scoped Job Redesign solutions to improve business processes and overall workforce performance.


  • Companies can implement tried and tested Job Redesign solutions that are catered for specific sectors with funding support
  • Through Job Redesign solutions, employees will also be able to reskill to take on higher job functions to enhance the overall workforce performance.

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Support for Job Redesign under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG-JR)


Through the support for Job Redesign under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG-JR), companies can work with pre-approved Job Redesign consultants to support business transformation.


  • Up to 70% funding, capped at $30,000 per company
  • Job Redesign makes jobs more productive and attractive, helping companies to hire and retain workers to support the business

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SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit


The Skills Future Enterprise Credit (SFEC) encourages employers to invest in enterprise and workforce transformation programmes.



  • Eligible employers will receive a one-off $10,000 credit to cover up to 90% out-of-pocket expenses
  • The SFEC supports a range of enterprise and workforce transformation programmes that aims to improve overall workforce productivity

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Lean Enterprise Development Scheme

The Lean Enterprise Development Scheme (LEDS) provides enterprises with a one-stop, cross-agency government assistance to tap on the most relevant funding support to embark on manpower-lean projects. 

• Gain access to relevant government grants for progressive solutions
• Leverage on grants to build new capabilities and enhanced productivity
• Build a stronger Singaporean core and develop a better quality workforce

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Capability Transfer Programme

The Capability Transfer Programme seeks to improve local-foreign complementarity by facilitating the transfer of capabilities from foreign specialists to locals 

• Speeds up the transfer of global capabilities into Singapore and allow for companies to develop their local workforce by acquiring new capabilities 
• Funding support can include salary and training support for foreign and local specialists

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Updated as of 19 Jan 2021

It may not always get easier, but together we will get stronger.

Look out for stories of real jobseekers and enterprises who have displayed resilience and tenacity and have emerged stronger than ever, coming to you soon.