How To Transition Back Into The Working World?

17 JAN 2017

Dear Workforce Singapore,

I lost my job as a financial controller after 28 years of working in the finance and accounting sector. Over the past months, I’ve been looking for jobs without success. I searched for jobs through a number of job portals and recruitment agencies, however, many employers that responded to my applications felt that I was overqualified.

Recently, a friend referred me for a position as a finance manager in a community and social services organisation. How can I secure this job and transition back into the working world?


Dear Molly,

It is heartening to see your resilient spirit and positive mindset, both are vital in your job search.

To prepare for your interview, you can learn about the community and social services sector from Occupational Insights, available on Jobs Bank. You can also sign up for our career skills workshops, or visit our Career Centres for employment assistance.

If you have been retrenched or unemployed for six months or more, you could receive support to rejoin the workforce through the Career Support Programme. Your employer will receive salary support of up to $25,200 for one year.

For more details, visit the links above or contact our hotline at 6883 5885.

All the best in your job search!

Workforce Singapore

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