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Looking for exciting opportunities to enhance your personal and career development in Singapore? Discover a wealth of resources, including job fairs, workshops, and seminars, that will provide valuable networking opportunities and career guidance to help you succeed in the workforce. Don't miss out on this extensive line-up of WSG events and the chance to take your career’s future to the next level!
Virtual Job Interview for Operations Roles

Enjoy supporting the backend operations of organisations? Explore a wide range of job opportunities in Administration, Accounts, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales and many more at our Virtual Job Interview for Operations Roles!

22 FEB, 02PM - 05PM. Virtual.
[Virtual Seminar] Career Restarter x Maximus Webinar – Recreating your Professional Identity and Brand

This session helps you to understanding the importance of self-awareness, establish your professional identity and marketing yourself on resumé and interviews to form a job search routine.

22 FEB, 02PM - 03PM. Virtual.
[Virtual Seminar] Adept Job Search Strategies

This workshop focuses on building resilience and a concrete actionable plan for PMEs who have the intention of looking for a job immediately or in the coming months.

23 FEB, 02PM - 04PM. Virtual.
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