Chew Hock Yong
Mr Chew Hock Yong
Workforce Singapore


  • Tan Choon Shian
    Mr Tan Choon Shian
    Chief Executive
    Workforce Singapore
  • Andrew Chong
    Mr Andrew Chong
    Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association
  • Mr Lau Peet Meng
    Mr Lau Peet Meng
    Board Member
    Workforce Singapore
  • Low Soon Teck
    Mr Low Soon Teck
    Managing Director, Executive Office
    Kuok (Singapore) Limited
  • Mr Benjamin Mah
    Mr Benjamin Mah
    Head of Strategy and VC/PE Practice
    Oracle NetSuite Asia & Japan
  • Chin Yin Ong
    Ms Ong Chin Yin
    Chief People Officer
  • Mrs Deborah Ong
    Mrs Deborah Ong
    Chairman (Audit & Risk Committee)
    Workforce Singapore
  • Ms Jean See
    Ms Jean See
    Director, Freelancers and Self-Employed Unit (U FSE)
  • Sharael Taha
    Mr Sharael Taha
    Vice-President (Strategy and Project Management Office)
    Singapore Aero Engine Services
  • Mr Tan Kok Yam
    Mr Tan Kok Yam
    Chief Executive
    SkillsFuture Singapore
  • Ms Teo Lay Lim
    Ms Teo Lay Lim
    Chief Executive Officer
    SPH Media Group
  • Raj Joshua Thomas
    Mr Raj Joshua Thomas
    President, Security Association of Singapore
    Partner, Wee Swee Teow LLP
  • Mr Wahab Yusoff
    Mr Wahab Yusoff
    Vice President – APJ
    Delinea Inc