Learn from International and Local Experts

WSG provides foundational training for those who are keen to provide education, training and career advisory through our CDF courses (CAP, CFP and CSP). However, career development theories and practice is a professional field that is constantly evolving with greater understanding about the changing nature of work, motivation, and personality.

In order to provide continuing professional development programmes for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and practice, WSG works with several partners to run 8 to 10 masterclasses each year. These programmes or masterclasses will be funded by WSG and feature both international and local expert practitioners, some of whom are at the forefront of emerging career theories and practice.

Subsidy & Priority Enrolment for WSG CDF Credential Holders

WSG CDF Credential holders will enjoy priority enrolment and additional 20% subsidy off the application fee. Learning hours from these events and activities can be clocked as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for the renewal of the WSG CDF credential. Find out more about the WSG CDF credential here: https://go.gov.sg/cdf-credential

Partners who are interested to work with WSG to deliver masterclasses or to find out more about the past masterclasses below may contact cpd@wsg.gov.sg.

  • Career Development Techniques for Career Practitioners working with Persons with Disabilities (PWD) – by Dr Tina Anctil and Aaron Leson

  • Certification in Hope-Action Theory & Practice – by Dr Norman Amundson, Andrea Fruhling and Dr Spencer Niles

  • Career Construction Theory (CCT) – by Dr Kevin Glavin 

  • Workplace Big 5 Profile Certification – by Tan Weixi and Tham CP

  • The Talent Revolution – by Lisa Taylor

  • Group Career Counselling (GCC) – by Dr Richard Pyle

  • Conversations Matter – by Mark Franklin and Dr Rich Feller

  • Career SUPERDRIVE – by My Working Title Pte Ltd

  • Solution-Focused Coach Essentials Course - by Brigit Elisabeth Eichenberger 

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“Who You Are Matters” Masterclass

Cert In Hope

“Who You Are Matters” Masterclass

“Workplace Big 5 Profile Certification” Masterclass

“I felt it is Hope in Action, not just the theoretical aspect but more importantly in practice. I appreciated the videos with the conversations in a very informal setting among the 3 instructors as they demonstrate how these theories can be applied in real life situations with clients.”