The WSG Whistle-blowing channels provide individuals secured avenues to disclose in confidence and without the fear of reprisal, occurrences of possible wrongful practices within or related to WSG, for appropriate investigation and action.


The channels are independently managed by the WSG’s Internal Audit Unit and the results of investigation will be reported to the WSG Audit and Risk Committee.

Wrongful practices include but are not limited to the following:

a) Fraud, corruption or theft;

b) Misappropriation of funds/ grants/ classified documents;

c) Disclosure of confidential and sensitive information to outside parties;

d) Breaches of legal obligation or statute (including negligence, breach of contract and breaches of Acts);

e) Collusion for financial gain;

f) Abuse and misrepresentation of power and authority;

g) Discrimination on the basis of gender, race and disabilities;

h) Harassment or intimidation;

i) Gross negligence of duty, acts against public interest or detrimental to the organisation’s interest and image; and

j) Improper conduct or unethical behaviour.

Protection of whistle-blowers

All disclosures should be made in good faith, without malice, and when the whistle-blower has reasonable grounds for suspecting that an incident of wrongful practice has occurred.

WSG will not tolerate discrimination, retaliation, or harassment of any kind against a whistle-blower who submits a complaint or report in good faith.

Reporting Channels

You may report any irregularities or wrongdoings, with supporting documents where possible through the channels indicated below.

  Mail  Internal Audit Unit
  Workforce Singapore Agency
  1 Paya Lebar Link
  #08-08 PLQ 2 Paya Lebar Quarter
  Singapore 408533
  Phone  6328 1877


To enable WSG to effectively investigate your concerns, the following information should be provided, where possible:

  • Your name and contact information;
  • Name(s) of person(s)/ company(ies) involved;
  • Your relationship with the reported person(s)/company(ies);
  • Detailed description of the incident(s) (including date, time, location, methods and action/ behaviour);
  • Period of time the impropriety had been perpetuated;
  • If any other WSG staff had been informed, please provide the notification date and contact information of the person notified; and
  • Physical or material evidence, and any other information which may substantiate the incident(s).

We encourage whistle-blowers to leave their name and contact information in case further information or clarifications are required. The ability to investigate depends on the quality and adequacy of the information provided by the whistle-blower.

To the extent feasible and permissible under the law, WSG will make every effort not to reveal the identity of the whistle-blower.