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Hiring Incentive

The Hiring Incentive provides salary support to employers who hire mid-career workers aged 40 and above through reskilling programmes. This is an additional provision for employers who hire and train mature workers1 through reskilling programmes. Reskilling programmes enable and support mature workers1 to remain competitive and enter jobs or sectors that have good prospects even as the economy and employers transform. Employers will also benefit from acquiring a skilled worker that has undergone proper training and has a wealth of working experience.

Employers will receive the Hiring Incentive in the form of salary support for a six month period to offset some of the costs involved in recruiting, retraining and retaining mature workers1.

Eligible employers will receive the following funding support:

  • Additional salary support of 20% for 6 months, capped at $6,000 per newly hired mid-career individual who is aged 40 and above and has undergone an eligible reskilling programme.
  • This incentive will be paid out in a single tranche after 6 months

Reskilling Programmes that are eligible for the Hiring Incentive are:

The Hiring Incentive will be progressively rolled out from 1 April 2020 onwards. More details will be released in due course.

For more information, download the factsheet and FAQs.

1Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, aged 40 and above.