Individuals who took a career break, such as mothers or caregivers, and are now looking to return to the workforce can provide different perspectives, advice, and creative ideas to the business. Mature workers hold an advantage with the amount of experience gained over their entire career. With the right skills and training, even those looking for a role without prior experience possess qualities that make them productive and desirable employees. They can also play a part in building a healthy and collaborative workplace.

WSG is here to partner employers in transformation journeys to grow their businesses. Tap on our programmes today to expand your candidate pool and receive training and funding support!


So What can employers do to navigate economic headwinds? Let's talk business.


Hear from industry experts as they offer their experiences and perspectives on the manpower and productivity challenges facing the Manufacturing and Shipping industries, and how to get your business shipshape for 2023. #HirePlugTrainPlay

Real business challenges, real business solutions

Overcoming Business Challenges - Manufacturing

Overcoming Business Challenges - Construction

Overcoming Business Challenges - Agritech

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For assistance with manpower issues

Looking to hire? WSG programmes and services provide access to available jobseekers and facilitate employment for hiring employers.


Mid-Career Pathways Programme

Tap on the experience of mid-career individuals aged 40 and above through full-time attachments. The Government will co-fund 70% of the training allowance during the programme duration.

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Career Conversion Programme (CCP)

This mid-career conversion programme supports your organisation in reskilling new hires or existing employees to take on new or redesigned job roles in growth sectors here in Singapore. For employers, you can tap on CCPs to send mid-career individuals for industry-recognised training with salary and course fee support of up to 90%!

We offer close to 100 CCPs across nearly 30 sectors to support companies in reskilling mid-career individuals.

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Career Trial

Assess a candidate’s job fit through a short-term trial before considering formal employment.

We provide training allowance and retention incentives to help you train and retain the candidate.
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MyCareersFuture job portal (MCF)
Employers can advertise available job positions at no cost and find suitable candidates or recommended talents through MCF’s job matching technology.

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SGUnited Jobs and Skills Placement Partners

Work with our appointed employment agencies (Adecco, Good Job Creations and Charterhouse) under this programme to tap on a wider pool of local jobseekers.

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Career Events, Fairs and Seminars
Participate in one of our upcoming events to find out more about hiring opportunities and employee training opportunities.

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Workipedia by MyCareersFuture
Gain access to an array of career guidance articles on industry insights, feature stories, hiring tips, and best practices anytime, anywhere.

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For Assistance with Productivity Issues


Capability Transfer Programme

Leverage this programme to acquire foreign capabilities for your business to compete more effectively locally and overseas.

Receive support funding on components such as salary support for foreign or local specialists, and attachment-related costs.

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Sectoral Job Redesign (JR)

Tap on sectoral job redesign solutions to transform your business and remain competitive in your industry such as: 


  • Accountancy
  • Construction
  • Early Childhood
  • Environmental Services
  • Food Services
  • Hotel
  • HR Tech
  • Retail
  • Security

And more.

Improve work processes, enhance company performance and reskill employees to take on higher job functions to meet your business needs!

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Support for Job Redesign under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG-JR)

Work with professional pre-approved Job Redesign (JR) consultants to redesign and enhance work processes, tasks and responsibilities. JR complements and drives business and workforce transformations.

Receive up to 70% Government funding for consultancy services, capped at $30,000 per enterprise for approved projects.

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SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit
Receive a one-off $10,000 credit to cover up to 90% of out-of-pocket expenses from programmes that support workforce transformation and enterprise development.

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