Mid-Career Pathways Programme for Host Organisations
The Mid-Career Pathways Programme is a full-time attachment programme which supports mature mid-career individuals aged 40 and above, to widen their professional networks and gain meaningful industry-relevant skills and experience. The attachments last between four to six months.
  • Tap on the experience of mature mid-career individuals
  • 70% of training allowance funding for the duration of attachment
  • Continued funding support for trainees converted early to full-time employment

How does it benefit your organisation

Host organisations can take on mature mid-career individuals (aged 40 and above) who bring with them a wealth of work experience to such training attachments. Upon completion of the attachment, the participating host organisations are required to hire these individuals on a permanent basis as long as their training and performance is assessed to be satisfactory during the attachment.

To find out more, refer to the Infographic, Factsheet and FAQs.

Funding & Incentives

Trainees of such programmes will receive a training allowance of up to $3,800 per month for the duration of the attachment. The approved monthly training allowance may vary depending on the scope of the attachment proposed by the host organisation. The government co-funds the training allowance with the host organisation.

Monthly Training Allowance

$1,800 to $3,800

Government Funding

70% of the training allowance


To encourage early conversion of trainees to full-time employees, host organisations will continue to receive training allowance subsidies from WSG for the converted trainees (if the trainee has completed at least three months of the attachment).

Eligibility criteria

All host organisations must fulfil the following criteria to qualify for the Mid-Career Pathways Programme:

a) Host organisation must be registered or incorporated in Singapore*;

b) Offer training attachments ranging from four to six months.

c) Provide clear training description(s) and development plan(s) that would provide mature mid-career individuals with meaningful developmental opportunities during the attachment period, subject to approval by the appointed programme manager.

d) Co-fund 30% of the training allowance for the duration of the attachment.

e) Have the available headcount(s) to hire and must commit to converting the trainee(s) into full-time employment by the end of the attachment, if their performance is satisfactory.

f) Able to pay same or higher salaries upon early or post-attachment conversion.

*This includes Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Multi-national Corporations (MNCs), Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs), Non-governmental organisation (NGOs) and Non-Profit organisations.