Service and Jobs Transformation Leadership Programme (SJTL)
The programme aims to equip the service industry leaders with problem solving tools and techniques to decrease reliance on manpower, innovate and improve productivity through service design. Enterprises can learn about applicable service design tools and techniques, best practises through overseas company visits and Job redesign methods to future proof their businesses.
  • Immersive service design training through overseas study mission
  • Up to 90% of programme fee support
  • Customised job redesign solutions

About the Programme

SJTL is the enhanced version of Service Industry Transformation Programme (SITP) to drive change through key decision makers and include curated overseas company visits to inspire action.  Through the SJTL, participants will be guided to identify the gaps and opportunities in their service offerings while addressing their manpower challenges.

From the overseas company visits, participants will draw insights/learnings and apply them to their business context. The application will require participants to develop an implementation plan for job redesign of five employees within their companies to improve productivity and service. This process enables the participants to kickstart their service and workforce transformation journey in a quicker pace.

How does it benefit your organisation

Companies will be equipped with customer centric tools and techniques such as service blueprint to diagnose current problems and conduct future casting of customers and workforce. Enterprises will also attend an overseas study mission to learn from the best practises and come out with new ways to solve or design its service blueprint. The service blueprint will be a guide for the enterprises to align and optimise people, processes, and technology in the organisation to be future-ready.

To find out more, refer to the Factsheet.

Funding & Incentives

Workforce Singapore is supporting SME up to 90% and non-SME up to 70% of the SJTL programme fee. The programme fee covers a 1-Day Workshop, 1-Day Customised Guidance, Overseas Study Mission Learning Trip and 2-Days Customised Implementation Plan.

For more information on the funding rates, click here

SJTL is currently a supportable programme under the SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC). Your company may be eligible to qualify for additional subsidies if the qualifying criteria is met. For more details on SFEC, please refer to the website here.

General Eligibility

All host organisations must fulfil the following criteria to qualify for the Service and Job Transformation Leadership Programme:

  • Registered or incorporated and operating in Singapore

  • Enterprises from the Lifestyle and Trade Industries (i.e. Food Services & Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale Trade, Hotels, Attractions, Tour & Travel)

  • All applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.