volunteer Career Advisors initiative
Under the volunteer Career Advisors intiative, individuals (especially mature workers) can tap on the volunteer Career Advisor's industry experience to gain sector-and occupation-specific career advice and be connected to government programmes and services. volunteer Career Advisors can make a difference by sharing industry insights to help individuals make more informed career decisions.
  • Advisee - Get sector and occupation-specific career advice from industry veterans
  • Advisee - Access insights on industry trends and skills to make informed career decisions
  • Advisor - Help someone take better charge of their career by sharing sector insights
  • Advisor - Opportunity to network with professionals from various sectors

What is it?

Announced during DPM Heng Swee Keat’s Unity Budget in February 2020, the volunteer Career Advisors initiative is part of the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Support Package. The initiative aims to provide individuals (especially mature workers) with peer-level support and career guidance as they navigate professional pathways to advance their careers, or transition to other jobs.

Workforce Singapore is building a pool of volunteer Career Advisors from various professional communities who will draw from their respective industry experience to provide their peers and colleagues with sector and occupation-specific career advice, and to connect them to helpful resources. Through the volunteer Career Advisors initiative, workers will have the opportunity to access important insights on industry trends and emerging skills to make informed career decisions with greater confidence.

The volunteer Career Advisors initiative has been launched for the Electronics, Healthcare, Information and Communication Technology, Logistics and Supply Chain, Sustainability and more. For more information and updates on all sectors that the initiative covers, please visit https://go.gov.sg/vcai-app



Who is it for?

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents in the workforce, especially mature workers, who are in the sector, or looking to join the sector and seeking peer support and career guidance as they navigate new professional pathways amidst the ongoing economic and industry transformation.
Industry veterans who are committed to make a difference by sharing their experiences with and providing career guidance to their peers.



Eligibility Criteria

Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents
Possess strong knowledge, relevant experience and expertise in the targeted sector, and is committed to provide support and career guidance to peers.