Jobs Transformation Maps

To support employers in their job transformation efforts, WSG has worked with government agencies and the industry to develop Jobs Transformation Maps (JTMs) to provide detailed insights on the impact of technology and automation on the industry and workforce. The JTMs identify the key technologies that are driving change, the impact on individual job roles, as well as the pathways for employers to transform jobs and for workers to acquire requisite skills as existing job roles evolve and new job roles emerge.

The JTMs will serve as a useful compass for employers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) and workers to prepare themselves for the future of work as technology becomes more pervasive in their sectors. Employers and TACs can tap on the JTMs to identify opportunities to transform jobs and skills to bolster growth and value creation.

The JTMs in the HR, logistics and financial services sectors have been completed and there are plans for another 121 JTMs. 

[1] The upcoming JTMs would cover wholesale trade, retail, food manufacturing, infocomm and media, supply chain management, accountancy, in-house finance and accounting functions, construction, facilities management, land transport, environmental services and tourism sectors.