Looking to hire? Here’s a manpower pool waiting to be uncovered.

Women who have taken a career break and are looking to re-enter the workforce is an often-overlooked manpower source.

Women returning to the workforce are a motivated, driven group who have made returning to work a new priority in life. They bring with them rich work and life experience, valuable transferable skills, different perspectives, and creative ideas to your organisation. All these qualities make back-to-work women productive and desirable employees; and they can also play important roles in building a healthy and collaborative workplace culture.

The herCareer initiative can help companies find the most suitable talent and provide funding and training support so that women returning to work can transit smoothly into your organisation and bring these notable benefits to your business!

Tap on programmes by Workforce Singapore (WSG) to expand your candidate pool and make the onboarding of back-to-work women an easier process today!

Here’s a list of training and funding support programmes that can help you tap on this experienced pool of female talents.

Career TrialAssess a candidate’s job fit through a short-term trial before considering formal employment.

We provide training allowance and retention incentives to help you train and retain the candidate.
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Career Conversion Programme (CCP)
CCPs support your organisation in reskilling new hires to meet manpower needs. Tap on CCPs to send new mid-career hires for
industry-recognised training with salary and course fee support up to 90%!

WSG offers about 100 CCPs across close to 30 sectors to support companies in reskilling mid-career individuals to take on new job roles.

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Mid-Career Pathways Programme
Tap on their wealth of experience when you explore full-time attachment with mid-career individuals (aged 40 & above).

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MyCareersFuture job portal (MCF)
Advertise available job positions at no cost and find suitable candidates or recommended talents through MCF’s job matching technology.

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Workipedia by MyCareersFuture
Gain access to an array of articles on trending industry insights, feature stories, hiring tips and best practices anytime, anywhere.

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About herCareer Initiative


herCareer Initiative aims to support Singaporean women who are planning to return to the workforce, to access available jobs, transit into new industries and job roles, and build up job-relevant skillsets.