New Part-Time Re-Employment Grant
PTRG - Part Time Reemployment grant
The New Part-Time Re-Employment Grant (PTRG) provides up to $125,000 to employers who offer part-time re-employment, flexible work arrangements (FWAs) and structured career planning (SCP) to senior workers.
PTRG - Part Time Reemployment grant
  • Providing part-time re-employment opportunities to attract and retain senior workers
  • Providing Structured Career Planning (SCP) to mature and senior employees
  • New PTRG provides funding support of up to $125,000 per company

What is the New Part-time Re-employment Grant (PTRG)

The New PTRG provides up to $125,000 to employers who offer part-time re-employment, other flexible work arrangements (FWAs) and structured career planning (SCP) to senior workers.

This will provide more flexible work options to attract and retain senior workers, and encourage them to stay in the workforce.


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How does the New PTRG benefit employers?

Employers will receive funding support to implement part time re-employment policy for its senior workers. At the same time, the adoption of the TS-AWP specifies a set of good age management practices for employers to implement at the workplace, to treat older workers fairly and provide them with support in areas such as training and workplace health programmes. By adopting TS-FWA and offering FWAs in their HR policy, employers will be able to support greater provision of FWAs and attract more senior workers to remain in the workforce. Additionally, committing to provide SCP to mature employees in the HR policy and sending their company representatives to attend the SCP workshop will increase the adoption of SCP, which will help senior workers stay relevant in the workforce and enable employers to benefit from retaining experienced and well-trained workers.


How does New PTRG benefit employees?

Companies which successfully applied for the New PTRG will need to ensure their employees are offered the option to reduce their work intensity and undertake part-time work arrangements during the re-employment phase. If the company is not able to find a suitable part-time vacancy during the re-employment phase, eligible employees will be entitled to an Employment Assistance Payment.


For enquiries regarding the programme, you may contact our Call Centre at 6883 5885 or submit these enquiries via our Service Portal.


You may report any irregularities, with supporting documents where possible through the following whistle-blowing channels found under the Corporate Governance section in this link .


Who can register for New PTRG?

Any company registered or incorporated in Singapore including societies and non-profit organisations such as charities and voluntary welfare organisations.


To qualify for the grant, companies will need to have at least 1 senior worker aged 60 years and above at the point of application and claim. Companies also need to fulfil all the following to be eligible for claims, if they have not previously received the PTRG:



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