Security Productivity Initiative (SPI)
Security Productivity Initiative (SPI) - The SPI is for companies who are keen to create quality jobs and meaningful careers for their workforce through job redesign and human capital development.
  • Self-Help Guide for companies in job redesign techniques to help transform their workforce
  • Government funding to help companies embark on and sustain job redesign and transformation

What is it?

The Security Productivity Initiative (SPI) was introduced in September 2017 as part of WSG’s efforts to support the Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM). With a structured Job Redesign (JR) Framework, the SPI aims to guide companies to become manpower-lean with security technology adoption, job redesign and adoption of human capital best practices.

Since the implementation of the Security ITM, the Security Industry has been transforming to deliver advanced services through technology adoption and better security outcomes. This encourages companies to further develop their security personnel and to create better and quality jobs in order to sustain the changes in business operations.

Who is it for?

The SPI is for security companies who are keen to create quality jobs and meaningful careers for their workforce through job redesign. Security service buyers may also benefit from the strategies and resources related to Outcome-Based Contracting (OBC).

For more information and resources on Security outcome-based contracting, please click here.

How does it work?

Under the SPI, the following resources are available to help companies embark on and sustain job redesign and workforce transformation efforts.  Companies which are interested in funding support can access the list of government support programmes through the “Guide to Security Workforce Transformation”, or get in touch with WSG via the contact information provided below.



Developed by WSG, the Guide to Security Workforce Transformation is a self-help resource to guide stakeholders in the security industry in JR techniques, as well as methodologies to transform their workforce.  It comprises the following key components:

  • The 4D Job Redesign (JR) Framework: on how to implement JR through four simple steps – Discover, Diagnose, Design and Deliver
  • Human Capital Transformation: on the Human Capital Practices that companies may adopt to sustain the JR efforts
  • Resource and Funding Support: on the government schemes available to support companies to embark on Workforce Transformation journey


Click here for the Guide to Security Workforce Transformation.

The Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Security Officers (SOs) aims to facilitate security agencies and other companies to redesign SO’s job roles and work processes for more effective operations.  Participating companies will design the reskilling plan based on the companies' operational needs and/or sites’ requirements, and train their SOs with the skills required to offer integrated services. Up to 90% of funding for course fees and salary support will be provided for the reskilling needs till 30 June 2023.

For more information about the CCP for SOs, please contact our Programme Manager, Union of Security Employees (USE), via the contact info.

Security companies in need of expertise and funds to spur JR to support Business Transformation can tap on the Productivity Solutions Grant-Job Redesign (PSG-JR). Up to 70% of funding (capped at $30,000) will be provided to participating companies, for working with pre-approved JR consultants to redesign work processes, tasks and responsibilities.

Click here for more information about the PSG-JR.